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Not Spending Enough Time With Your Mum? Find Ideas For Mother’s Day Gifts To Make It Up To Her!

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Our Mothers hold a very special place in our heart as they play one of the most influential roles in the creation of who we are out of everyone else we encounter. It this reason why people are always searching for ideas for Mother’s Day gifts and we’re here to help you find innovative gifts, not just standard boring ones!

Your mum is the listener, the hugger, the mediator, the celebrator, the taxi, the chef and many more amazing attributes that make us so grateful to have our mums in our lives. However, as your mum is such a key figure in your life, you can sometimes have the tendency to take her for granted and assume she’ll be round forever, which is sadly not the case.

With this in mind, here at WonderDays we want to remind you to not just celebrate all your mum has done for you on Mother’s Day, but celebrate all the incredible things she will have achieved in her life.

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How well do we know our mums?

A survey from OnePoll with Groupon found that there is a strong appetite for adult children to discover their mothers life stories, with 70 percent claiming that they want to learn more. As children, we are the centre of our universes with us expecting that both our mums and dads just focus on us and we can’t mentally comprehend that they have personalities and lives outside of being our parents.

But as we grow older, the realisation that our folks are people not just parents means that we can start discovering more about their past and what defined and shaped them. The OnePoll survey found that most people knew this about their mums:

Top five things people know:

  1. Where she grew up
  2. Where she went to high school or college
  3. The street she grew up on
  4. Her first job
  5. Her genealogy/ancestry

This would be easy information to glean as it would coincide with her children growing up as she would talk about her origins, school as her children went through it and careers, whereas the top five things that most people didn’t know and wanted to were a bit more detailed:

  1. How many pets she had as a kid
  2. Past partners
  3. Favourite subject in school
  4. Childhood hobbies
  5. What she wanted to be when she grew up

In addition:

  • 45% didn’t know their Mother’s favourite food
  • 45% didn’t know her favourite flower
  • 37% didn’t know her favourite song
  • 30% didn’t know her favourite movie
  • 29% didn’t now the best clothing store
  • 28% didn’t know her favourite place to go on holiday
  • 23% didn’t know her favourite actor/actress
  • 21% didn’t know her favourite tipple

There is no time like the present to find the answers to these questions as they are part of their history and there will be a time when you won’t be able to get the answers you need.

Mother's Day questions

Experience days as ideas for Mother's Day gifts

It doesn’t need to be a forced affair where you rock up with a clipboard grilling your mum! Spend time with her, hang out and find out about her past, her dreams, what she’d hoped would happen and words of wisdom. Really use this opportunity to connect with your mum and create memories.

And that’s why we have the perfect ideas for Mother’s day as we offer experiences that create memories and stories, not just a gift that she will say thank you for and then forget about!

If one to one time is what you’re looking for for an idea, then an afternoon tea is the perfect gift. However, it doesn’t have to be in a coffee shop at the back of a dark dingy street…we have afternoon teas with views of Lake Windermere, on a London bus, with a spa package, gin lovers afternoon tea, champagne cocktails with scones, set in a location in Scotland and many more options that will stand out in your memory for a long time to come!

Or if you have an adrenaline mother on your hands then there are an abundance of options there too! You could both go bungee jumping in Scotland, indoor skydiving, aqua sphereing, a zip line in Wales, wakeboarding in Scotland or hurtling down the River Thames in a high speed RIB!

Buying an experience is a great idea for a mother’s day gift as not only does she get to partake in something she may never have done before, but there’s also the opportunity to spend some precious time with your mum and create some fantastic memories that you will both remember forever.

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