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If you were waiting for a sign to look after Body and Soul, this is it. They say there’s never a better time to start than today. But realistically, it’s harder than flipping a switch. Where do you start? And how do you get in the right headspace?

I find the best way to reset your headspace is by going to a new space physically. Kick off your new approach to life, with a day to reset your mind. So, stop saving that annual leave for something important that may crop up, and stop checking that it coincides with everyone else’s holidays, and just take a day for yourself!

Try Yoga

Don’t be fooled by peaceful photography, yoga is hard. Maybe I was just doing it wrong, I’m certainly no fitness expert. Regardless, it’s super rewarding. You feel a sense of accomplishment and you’re definitely well worked, but you’re also relaxed… it’s certainly more relaxing than feeling all eyes on you whilst attempting a run in public, or struggling for breath up that hill.

Pop into a class to get personal improvement tips from a Guru, or, you can do it from home if you’re worried about joining a class. That’s the beauty of online ‘How to’s’. If you need a distraction from your flexibility and form concerns, you can even try animal yoga. Yes, that’s a thing. Personally, I’m on board with puppies and cows, but I’ve got to say not too sure about goats and alpacas.

Have a Makeover!

Now, this doesn’t have to be a dramatic reveal if you don’t want it to be. Maybe retouch those roots, or visit a salon to make those nails polished and primed again.

If you want to do the full shebang, maybe have some professional photos taken at a studio, to refer to when you feel less than your best self. Make it a family friendly catwalk, or create a personal boudoir folder. We won’t tell if you don’t.

Enroll on a Nutrition Course/Cooking Class

Should you be feeling a little health conscious, maybe it’s time to revisit those eating habits. Now, I don’t mean a faddy cabbage soup diet or juice cleanse- this isn’t about weight. This is about food that makes you feel good inside.

I love my food, and there’s so much flavour to experiment with! So, maybe we need to look at a nutritional course to make sure we’re getting everything we need to feel less… sluggish. Or, perhaps we just need to ‘spice up’ home cooking with some new flavours, recipes, tricks and techniques!

Connect with Nature

Camping can be fun, but this doesn’t mean you have to spend a week with no facilities; armed with just a 2-man tent and a fishing rod, to get you back at one with Mother Earth.

There are so many activities you can enjoy at your own leisure- such as hiking, bike riding, or kayaking, to name a few. It’s up to you how far you travel- stay local, visit a national park, or book with an activity provider. It saves hauling equipment cross country and squeezing everything in your car!

Visit a Spa

Pour moi, this is the most effective way of relaxing. Hop from the pool to the steam room at your own pace. Clear your mind of worries and focus on what you’re physically feeling.

Why not add a treatment or two whilst you’re there? I love to really indulge and make a big deal of it. So, I will often accompany this with an afternoon tea, or dinner and an overnight stay. Like I said, I love my food.

Trial Holistic Treatments

Speaking of treatments, there’s a massive range of complementary and alternative therapies available, and you don’t necessarily need to book in at the spa to enjoy one. It’s all about taking a little time for yourself.

Massages are probably the most popular, varying in duration and tackling specific ‘problem areas‘, or full body. Whilst we’re on the subject, there’s so many types! From Swedish to Hot stone, this should help you truly connect body and soul.

If you’re a little ‘touch-phobic’, Reiki may be the answer for you. This technique is a more spiritual practice, based around directing energy force. You can always try acupuncture, if you don’t mind needles. If this is all a bit too ‘out there’ for you, why not ease yourself in with short self-guided meditation sessions at home?

Take a Creative Course

Dive right in and focus all your attention on an artistic project. Maybe it’ll be the start of a new favourite hobby? Maybe you’ll just laugh at your attempt at the potter’s wheel, and it’ll end up being a good talking piece, or funny gift!

This is a fun, distracting and stress busting hands on project. Also, ‘artistic’ isn’t limited to typical painting- try jewellery making, creative writing or even glassblowing. You don’t have to be perfect at realistic drawing to be an artist, look at Picasso and Van Gough!

Sample Wellbeing Membership

This covers such a broad spectrum. Wellbeing coaching is available in person, or increasingly, online via virtual classes. Usually, you can choose to target specific areas from mental health, morning routines and breathing exercises.

I genuinely believe that anyone can benefit from this type of activity- no one is perfect, after all. Whether you prefer in-person sessions or tuning into live classes; you can set personal targets and track your progress as you invest time into general self-improvement, or that specific obstacle you persistently encounter.

Now that I’m feeling completely inspired, I think it’s time to book in for that spa treatment. Tea, anyone?

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