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How Did The Average Wedding Look In 2022?

a photo of a wedding ceremony taking place outside to showcase experience days for a wedding

Do you want to know what the average wedding looked like and how much it was in 2022? Hitched surveyed over 2,400 couples who got married in 2022 to build an overall picture of what was important to brides and grooms to be and how they spent their hard earned cash on the biggest day of their lives!

The average cost of a wedding in 2022 was £18,400 which is a £1,000 increase from £17,300 in 2021. That’s a big increase considering the average price of a videographer was £1,150!

average wedding price 2022

The most popular month to get married in was August and September with couples obviously hoping for that Indian summer we occasionally get late summer in the UK!

December was the most popular month for people to get engaged which must be the incorporation of the festive period and New Years Eve, with the least popular months both January and April.

Understandably January is always a tough month for everyone with little money and it’s gloomy but we’re surprised by April as Spring is in the air which surely sets the scene for many romantic proposal locations!

how many got engaged in 2022
popular months to get married

The most money spent was on the venue with an average of £8,400 with the honeymoon at £3,800 and the engagement ring at £1,900 following behind.

When you consider the cliché ‘bridezilla’ often portrayed in movies, it’s a surprise that 79% of couples surveyed said that happy guests were the most important aspect of planning their wedding! Only 46% said that the overall look and vibe of their wedding was important showing that wedded bliss started with a happy experience more than the materialistic element of a wedding that so many couples can often get caught up in!

average cost per UK wedding

The honeymoon was one of the most extravagant purchases of a wedding with a 23% increase on spend from 2021.

52% opted for a beach holiday with 44% saying that luxury was the main agenda of their holiday.

However, its nice to see that 24% chose adventure in the form of hiking, safaris and outdoor fun as their honeymoon choice and 12% decided to take a staycation.

4% chose a glamping experience for their wedded break whilst 4% picked a brewery or vineyard tour as their escape showing that couples are evolving more and more in their wishes when it comes to the uniqueness of celebrating their wedding. It also highlights that people are valuing experiences more than just a beach holiday more than ever as the memories they will create will be embedded in their marital makeup forever.

honeymoon costs in 2022

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