Infographic- Discover Father's Day Gift Ideas For 2023

a graphic in shades of pink of a dad and a child dressed as astronauts with the text for the dads who do everything alongside them

This Father’s Day your pops deserves a thoughtful present! When you think 91% of dads would prefer an experience as a gift, you need to really avoid the boring gifts as he wants to have something that he’ll treasure forever in the form of memories!

The most predictable Father's Day gift ideas tend to be:

  • Ties: A classic gift that many people give their dads is a tie. While it may be a bit predictable, if your dad wears ties often, it could be a useful and appreciated gift.
  • Socks: Socks are another common gift idea for Father's Day. You can opt for something fun and whimsical or choose a more practical option.
  • Tools: If your dad is handy, he may appreciate some new tools for his toolbox. Whether he needs a new wrench or a power drill, tools can be a useful and practical gift.
  • Gift cards: When in doubt, gift cards can be a safe and practical gift idea. You can choose a gift card for your dad's favourite store or restaurant, or opt for something more generic like an Amazon or Visa gift card.
  • Golf accessories: Many dads enjoy golfing, so golf accessories like a new set of golf balls, a golf glove, or a golf towel can be a good gift idea.

Think unusual!

If you're looking for some unusual Father's Day gift ideas, here are a few options:

Rather than a physical gift, you can give your dad an experience as mentioned above. Give him something he’ll treasure forever and you can even get in on the action too making it a fun day out for you both!

If your dad enjoys cooking, consider signing him up for an online cooking class. He can learn new recipes and techniques from the comfort of his own home and maybe throw something together for you with his new found cooking ability!

You always need to compliment a good meal with something to drink so why not a gin or whisky distillery tour or a wine tasting experience? These are unusual father’s day gift ideas that will keep giving in the form of memories!

If you dad is keen to discover his heritage then help your dad learn more about his family history with a DNA ancestry kit. He can discover his ancestry and potentially connect with long-lost relatives.

Or upgrade your dad's home with smart home devices like a voice-controlled speaker, smart thermostat, or smart security camera. You won't find something much more unusual for a father’s day gift than a doorbell that he can see who’s visiting from anywhere in the world!

If your dad is into his fitness, then what about a virtual wellbeing package? He can work out and find relaxation in many forms with a monthly subscription to a health suite meaning he can work out when he needs and wants to in the comfort of his own home.

With the wealth of inspiration on the internet and in the shops these days, father’s day gift ideas need not be a tricky affair so don’t be one of the people that buy their dad’s nothing for father’s day!

Father's Day Infographic

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