Bring Your Football Dreams To Life-Stadium Tour Guide

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At Wonderdays, we're excited to give you the unique opportunity to explore the sacred sites of your top football teams, bringing you closer to the match day excitement like never before. Regardless of the colours you support, there's an undeniable magic in seeing your team play live. The collective energy of the fans and the vibrant buzz of the stadium offer an unmatched experience in the world of football.

Embark on a tour with us to the UK's most iconic football stadiums, from the historic Old Trafford to the electric Anfield, and the modern Tottenham Hotspur Stadium to the revered Stamford Bridge. Each visit provides a deep dive into the rich history, culture, and fervour that shape these legendary grounds. Plus, you have the option to enhance your trip with a hotel stay included in your tour package.

Visualise yourself walking through the players' tunnel, the anticipation building as you emerge onto the pitch where football legends have carved their legacy. Discover the trophy rooms, experience the stand's energy, and create everlasting memories.

Our Stadium Tours not only celebrate the great achievements but also offer a peek into the future of your favourite team. Enjoy exclusive access to training grounds, meet football legends, and perhaps even see future stars perfecting their craft.

Whether you're a lifelong fan or just enjoy the occasional match, our Stadium Tours, many of which include hotel stays, promise a memorable experience for all. With special access, knowledgeable guides, and a VIP experience, you'll immerse yourself in the football spirit like never before.

So, put on your boots, wrap up in your scarf, and get set for an unforgettable journey with WonderDays Football Stadium Tours. Secure your spot now and kick-start your ultimate football journey!

Score Big with WonderDays Football Stadium Tours!

Liverpool FC Museum & Stadium Tour – Anfield Tour

  • LFC Stadium Tour with Museum visit
  • Go behind the scenes of the iconic stadium
  • Walk down the players tunnel
  • Plenty of photo opportunities
  • See the club's silverware!
  • Family tickets available

Chelsea Stadium Tour & 1-2 Night London Hotel Stay For 2

  • Guided tour of Stamford Bridge
  • Home dressing room, press room, players' tunnel
  • Stunning views of the pitch from the stands
  • 1 - 2 night hotel stay
  • 3* & 4* hotel options

Manchester United Stadium Tour & 1-2 Night Hotel Stay For 2

  • Tickets for 2 to the Manchester United Stadium Tour & Museum
  • Explore Old Trafford, walk in the footsteps of legends
  • 1 to 2 night hotel stay
  • Choice of 3* or 4* hotel

Manchester City Stadium Tour & 1-2 Night Hotel Stay For 2

  • Tickets for 2 to the Manchester City Stadium Tour
  • Immerse yourself in the City Story
  • 1 to 2 night hotel stay
  • Choice of 3* or 4* hotel

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium Tour

  • Entrance to the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium Tour
  • Step behind-the-scenes of the iconic stadium
  • Walk in the footsteps of your favourite players
  • 90 minute tour

Arsenal Emirates Stadium Tour & 1 or 2 Night London Hotel Stay for 2

  • Tickets to Arsenal Emirates Stadium Tour & Museum
  • 1 or 2 night London hotel stay
  • 3* or 4* hotel
  • Walk the players tunnel
  • Go pitchside

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