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The idea of a bottomless brunch has always appealed to me without any real idea of what they can entail. I guess the idea of trying something new or jumping aboard the latest trend in FOMO.

I guess my interpretation before my first bottomless brunch experience was that it was essentially a children’s party but for adults. You’ll know what I mean, instead of party rings it is chicken wings and instead of orange squash it’s cocktails or prosecco. The outcome will of course be the same, but rather than leaving the event running around heightened on sugar, you will likely end up leaving the event heightened on the alcoholic offerings and in a 3 step forward, 2 step back motion. At least that was my prior expectation.

I guess the reason I was wrong is the reality of a bottomless brunch is the variety available to you. I mean, yes, there are events as I describe above, and my first bottomless brunch experience was just like this. I’m quite sure we ended up in a ridiculous state, albeit quite right given it was a hen party, but some of these hen party guests were clearly seasoned pro’s and to be honest the sore head still feels real for me now as I recall chanting along to “Dancing Queen” before being swept out of the venue on a tidal wave of frivolity as part of the most ferocious conga lines I have ever witnessed… let alone being a partially willing member of!

I should have known really, having been part of a queue of glammed up folk eagerly anticipating the 12:00 midday opening. The sequins and OTT attire for the time of day a stark contrast to the February drizzle and hugely out of place with the Saturday shoppers going about their everyday business. And with the timed precision and instantaneous reaction of the 100m sprint starters pistol; the doors open, a prosecco thrust upon me, and the stampede ensued to find out seat… all to the to the background thud of “I wanna dance with somebody”.

Variety is the key

For some, I paint a wonderful picture, for others less so. But there is so much more, and like many things’ “experience” based, variety is the key here. Browsing around the bottomless brunch market, you have more of an afternoon tea crossover, which is a far more pedestrian paced event but still allowing for a few prosecco’s to accompany your finger sandwiches and sweet treat offerings. You can elevate things further with far more elegant and sophisticated offerings, with genuine fine dining options at award winning restaurants.

Some of the offerings are absolutely outstanding and the food options simply out of this world. Clearly aimed more toward a dining experience rather than a boozy brunch, the word or associated label of a “bottomless brunch” almost provides a disservice to such experiences.

Then we look again, and discover a whole new category of bottomless brunch, the themed event. Now, my personal experience doesn’t extend this far but doing research into such things has genuinely piqued my interest. I am not talking about the free-flowing bubbles events that are “Mamma Mia” themed or “90’s” inspired, as good as they might be. I’m talking something a little more themed in its interpretation of the whole idea. Something alike an experience set in the woodlands, how about an Indian cuisine themed event, something TV inspired like tabletop Sherlock Immersive Brunch or maybe even Eclectic Fusion Cuisine.

What is clear for me, despite my personal penchant for the “free flowing bubbles kind” is that the variety of bottomless brunches available almost knows no bounds. And I guess it all depends on the occasion. Of course, a cursory Google will provide an almost endless list of offerings but what I can say is that you can become lost amongst the vastness of google and not knowing whether you are at an Afternoon Tea drinking it, or at a Drag Show spilling it. Whether your occasion starts with a Chin Chin over a glass of Champers or a Baby Guiness with It's Britney Bitch, let's embrace the world of bottomless brunch, everything it encapsulates and make every occasion extra special! 🥂🍰

Brighton i360 & Bottomless Brunch At The Doubletree by Hilton Metropole For 2

Check out the Brighton i360, the brainchild of Marks Barfield Architects, the geniuses behind the London Eye. It's the ultimate southern coast icon, and you can't miss it.

Once you've descended back to solid ground, hit up the Doubletree by Hilton Metropole hotel for an epic brunch. Dive into a main course while sipping on bottomless prosecco for a solid 90 minutes of pure decadence. And why stop there? Treat yourself to dessert as well. Come on, you know you can't resist!

Bottomless Brunch In Shropshire For Up To Six People

As you walk into this chill community hangout, get ready to vibe with its cosy, welcoming feels.

We're talking next-level brunch here - think epic cooked breakfast platters, stacks on stacks of pancakes with all the toppings, and a dessert board that's off the charts. And hold up, it gets better - each one of you gets a welcome prosecco plus four killer cocktails to sip on throughout.

Whether you're planning a chill date or a lit gathering with your squad, this bottomless brunch is the move. Absolutely no worries about dietary needs – they’ve got you sorted. Nobody needs to miss out on this!

Sherlock’s Afternoon Tea With Unlimited Prosecco

Indulge in the ultimate Sherlock-themed afternoon tea experience that promises to elevate your taste buds to new heights! Picture this: gather up to six of your closest companions and embark on an adventure like no other. Step into the intriguing world of Sherlock Holmes and put your detective skills to the test. But wait, there's more! As you unravel clues and solve a thrilling tabletop mystery, treat yourself to a delectable spread of afternoon delights paired with bottomless glasses of exquisite prosecco.

With 90 minutes of pure indulgence, this experience is bound to leave you feeling like a true sleuthing connoisseur.

Bottomless Afternoon Tea In Covent Garden

Get ready to indulge in some seriously decadent treats inspired by the chicest French patisserie! Your afternoon tea spread has got it all – from freshly crafted sandwiches and mouth-watering savouries to heavenly homemade cakes and tarts. And let's not forget those freshly baked scones slathered with jam and thick, creamy clotted cream.

What sets this afternoon tea apart is the choice of bottomless drinks to go with it. Are you feeling fancy with some Prosecco, in the mood for some gin cocktails, or ready to pop open a bottle of Champagne? Whatever floats your boat!

And hey, they've got options for everyone – whether you're a veggie, vegan, or gluten-free, there's a specially crafted menu so you can dive into this bottomless afternoon tea extravaganza without missing out on any of the deliciousness.

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